Everything that is done in the world is done by helping each other.

We are a grass roots, non-profit corporation committed to helping cancer patients and their family members, in our local community.

Cancer is a vicious disease which robs us of our abilities and our time. Having been personally involved with cancer in our family, we know the importance of having help during difficult times. In our time of need we greatly appreciated the friend offering a ride to cancer therapy, the help and support to meet day to day household demands as well as the occasional treat just to cheer us up.


We want to help you in the difficult periods. If you need a ride to the store, a small repair to your home, and errand run or just someone to hold your hand, we want to help.

Our main focus is in getting people together to help cancer patients and thier immediate family members in our local community. If you  are a cancer patient  or family member of a patient and need help, contact us.


If you are interested in helping this wonderful program contact us. You can help by donating  some of your time to run errands, cook a much appreciated meal, offer up any special talents or trade you possess, or simply making any size financial donation.